Dubai – A Desert Oasis You Have to See to Believe

When the time comes to plan a vacation, people tend to have very different views on the perfect getaway destination. Of course, the Arabian Desert isn’t usually the first thought that comes to people’s minds. Having said that, Dubai is an exception to the rule. It’s rapidly becoming the go-to destination for people from across the globe. More than 15 million people visit Dubai each year, and the number is expected to surge during the years to come. My friend Jacob Mills from, had the most wonderful experience when he visited Dubai and shared so many stories about their culture with me.

Why Choose Dubai for an Upcoming Getaway?

Dubai has numerous amenities to offer vacationers from high-end resorts and spas to more than 600 miles of beaches. It’s home to a diverse population made up of more than 200 nationalities. All those cultures come together to create a unique and unrivaled experience for visitors to enjoy. If you decide to make Dubai your next vacation destination, be sure to visit some of its must-see attractions.

Art, Culture, and Cuisine

As mentioned, the diverse culture of Dubai brings to the table an amazing assortment of experiences. This city has been deemed the Art and Design Capital of the Middle East. It offers everything from the talent of local street artists to high-end art galleries. You can venture through its Design District or enjoy  one of its art and design festivals. 

At the same time, you’ll find an endless array of foods to sample while you’re visiting Dubai. Dishes from across the globe are available with quite a few fusion delights to choose from as well. Whether you’re looking for high-end restaurants or small-time eateries, numerous options are at your disposal. Being a city known for celebratory events, it hosts several food festivals throughout the year. 

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Architectural and Engineering Marvels

You won’t necessarily find lush mountainous landscapes or thriving tropical rainforests when you visit Dubai, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t numerous sights to behold. It’s home to the world’s largest manmade islands as well as the world’s tallest building that towers 2,722 feet in the air. Several mega malls offer countless shopping opportunities as well. 

You’ll also be amazed at the sights and sounds of the largest fountain on the planet with its incredible light and projector displays, 500-foot water jets, and various musical exhibitions. Additionally, you can’t miss out on Ski Dubai, the indoor ski resort in the midst of the desert with its ski slope measuring more than 278 feet high and over 242,000 square feet overall. 

Venturing Outside the Box for a Dubai Vacation

If you’re thinking of visiting Dubai, the most comfortable time of the year is November through January. That makes it a perfect destination for those who are seeking out a warm, sunny escape from colder climates during the holidays. Whether you’re looking for a luxury resort experience, an extended shopping excursion, or simply an interesting getaway, Dubai won’t disappoint. This is one desert oasis that’s definitely not an optical illusion. …